Jan 2, 2008

Sex scandal is unforgivable?

Sex tape scandal? What a way to topple a man's political career especially in our country where moral values and family institution are our main priorities.

Shadowfox already speculated the man in the sex tape by New Year Eve. Talking about first hand news whereas all the mainstream media dare not even mention the name of the minister when I tried to catch the evening news.

Well, I don't care if this is a political war to end the minister's career. To me, Chua is a senior member in MCA and what more a Health Minister and therefore he has the responsibility to uphold the moral values in this country.

Personally, I believe he should resign from his current post. Our beloved PM should handle this scandal well and unlike Rafidah's case - keep quiet, act as if nothing happens.

Well, hopefully the police will be able to find the culprit behind this scandal soon because I seriously condemning the intrusion of someone's private life, what more someone's sex life.

UPDATED: And so Chua resigned from all his party and government posts with immediate effect. Now the focus can be totally on finding out the culprit behind the sex tape. And finally the sex tape has surfaced in the blogosphere.

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