Jan 3, 2008

Reasons to cheat your spouse

Seriously I don't want to sound kaypoh (I already am)but discussing about whether your spouse is cheating on you is rather appropriate at this time.

One thing, I really do enjoy reading people's problems in Dear Thelma, Sunday Star. It's not that I am not compassionate and enjoy seeing people suffer in silence. I simply love it because it's predictable. There are too many similar problems.

For example, when a man or woman write in and started blaming their spouse for their unhappiness at the beginning of the letter, how they suffered in that marriage and how hard they try to save the marriage by the middle of the letter, they often ended with something like "recently I met a woman at the office, blah blah blah". If you are a regular reader, you'll probably agree with me.

Well, there's always a reason (or hundreds of reasons) for people to stray. And it usually, it all starts with the blaming game.

So, how to tell if your spouse is cheating on you? Go find it out yourself here. But I sincerely hope that all of us be loyal to our partner or spouse. Do include that in your new year resolution.

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