Jan 29, 2008

McDonalds: Free WiFi and cheaper drinks

I'm not sure if this is happening in all McD outlets throughout Malaysia. But the McD in Kota Damansara that I usually go early in the morning is finally providing free WiFi.

Check this out. There are more than 15,000 WiFi-enabled restaurants around the globe. So I wouldn't be surprised if we finally have it here in Malaysia.

Now I don't need to hangout at expensive cafe or over-charged kopitiam. I can just spend less than RM3 for a cup of hot Milo and I can sit in McD as long as my battery can lasts. By the way, the McD outlet in Kota Damansara is pretty cosy.

Too bad, they don't provide any power points to recharge battery. Maybe not yet. But it's still a good news.

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