Jan 14, 2008

Get down to basic in blogging like Doogie Howser MD

Is blogging has reached its climax and coming to an end already?

AhPek thinks blogging is not going anywhere except circle around Malaysia while Wuching finds blogging isn't fun anymore.

I guess the main factor that kills our interest in blogging is paid post. It deviates our main intention in blogging (before people starts blogging for money) from being personal and informative to money making. And not to mention that it kills our page ranks overnight.

Perhaps we should go back to the basic. Just like the show Doogie Howser MD, Neil Patrick Harris who ended the show by
using his computer to write weekly journal entries. And it's always about his own feelings and experiences. That's the part where all of us viewers back then looking forward to.

Now, I'm thinking, blogging on weekly basis might be a good idea.

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