Jan 26, 2008

Djokovic vs Tsonga: Will Tsonga be able to do the conga at the final?

As much as I want Novak Djokovic to win at the 2008 Australian Open, my instinct said Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will create history by winning at the Rod Laver Arena.

The joker and the gentle giant have never met each other. Both have defeated the world no. 1 and world no. 2 players in the semifinal. Hence, it is quite hard to predict who's going to take the Grand Slam. This is definitely a match not to be missed.

Tsonga said he goes into the title bout with nothing to lose and fighting against the odds.

"It's the same, because Nadal is number two in the world and Djokovic three."

"Both of them won a lot of tournaments and they have more experience than me. I'll just do my best, and that's it. I will see what happens on the court. If I win, that's unbelievable. And if I lose, I did my best, so no problem."

Djokovic goes in with respect for the Frenchman.

"Tsonga is coming up. He's just amazing athlete," said the Serb.

"He's been performing some impressive tennis in these two weeks. As I did. I still haven't lost even a set here in Australian Open, which is amazing. It's gonna be interesting to see young players playing against each other. Obviously, we will not have anything to lose."

Djokovic predicted that he and Tsonga will be equally motivated, "even though looking at the rankings I would be the favorite. But it's finals, so anything can happen."

Tsonga already make his country proud by being in the final. Here he is flying the French flag from the top of the tennis centre a day before the final match.

Tsonga taking time off during the training session. He is definitely making a lot of new fans here in Australia. Djokovic is nowhere to be seen.

(All photos from Getty Images)

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