Nov 22, 2007

Tips on how to meet your sports idol or music idol

After successfully meeting Rafael Nadal and get his autograph and photo, I would like share some tips on how you can do the same thing to meet your idol too. Let's say you know your idol would be in town and you want to meet up him/her. Here's what you can do:

1. Contact the actual event organizer by phone a couple of weeks before the arrival of your idol. I tried contacted the local agent before and they just shoved me off. Hence contacting the right person is important.

2. Once you have successfully contacted the organizer, give them concrete reasons as to why you want to know the flight schedule and appearances of your idol. For me, I told them I'm a blogger/independent media and fan.

3. If the organizer agrees to consider your request, suggest to them that you will put the request in an email/written format and tell them that you'll look forward for their reply.

4. Write a well-planned and organized email. Give concrete reasons why you want to know such information. For example, one of the reasons that I told the organizer was I need the information to spread to other tennis fans.

5. If the organizer consider your request, then you should be on the right track and have a big chance to meet your idol. However, the information provided may change during the last minute. Hence, always be prepared for any changes and ask the organizer for the latest updates.

6. Waiting patiently at the airport for your idol's arrival and you'll stand a chance to meet him/her. Look out for people from the media e.g. cameramen and reporter. Don't be afraid to ask them where is the exact location your idol will appear. Chances are your idol might not walk out through the main arrival hall like everyone else.

7. Be patient and get yourself on standby mode. Make sure your camera is working and your pen and paper for autograph.

8. When you see your idol, snap their pictures first and then be brave to ask them for a picture and follow by an autograph. Remember to be polite when asking. Most of the time, the bodyguards/organizer/entourage and even your idol wouldn't mind to take a picture with you and signing your autograph.

9. If you have taken your pictures and autograph, be considerate and let other fans to have their chances too.

In short, waiting for your idol's arrival at the airport will increase your chance of meeting him/her. It's almost impossible to have a chance to shake hands or get an autograph during the actual event or concert where lot of other fans would be there.

I hope these tips will help you in realizing your dreams too.

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