Nov 27, 2007

Looking for web developer with an entrepreneurial mind

The past couple of days are rather unusual and shocking because I've been bombarded by people who have different agenda than me. To those who send me critic emails but in a respectful way, thank you and I do consider your input. However, to those who send me personal hate mails, you don't earn my respect at all and I'm sorry that your life is unhappy.

Now back to my post of today, instead of criticizing the standards of local universities in this country, I believe I have found a simple idea as an alternative solution to raise the standards of local universities in various aspects. I'm looking for a partner to work together on this project. I'm looking for someone with programming or web development background. But most importantly I'm looking for a partner with an entrepreneurial mind and passion to make a difference in this society.

Drop me an email at if you think we are driven by the same passion and we'll see if we can work it out.

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