Sep 13, 2007

Happy People Go Home...

... the unhappy and single ones stay back and work late?

Yes, people might also assume that you are a workaholic, want to please your boss, inefficient in your job, poor time management, and a whole bunch of reasons.

How time flies and we are almost at the end of the week (I know it's not Friday yet). And coming to the end of the week, I'm especially 'motivated' to go home earlier. I love my job and don't mind to stay back once in awhile. But I guess my priority in life is different now. My time is also for my family, love, friends and my hobbies.

Too much time spent on one thing will caused you to lose other things in your life.

So, friends, let's go home earlier this evening to your family and friends. If you don't have anyone, just go and pamper yourself.

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