Jun 9, 2007

the face behind the blog - hcfoo

I've been tagged by Anthraxxxx again! But thank you because I finally have a chance to show my cute (when I was a kid) and ugly (now) photos here. I don't have much choices of photos as most of them are in my hometown. So I'll try to use whatever is available.
I'm HCFoo and it's my real name, my initial. I was born in Kuantan and spent all my young and teenage years inside the shell. I'm the eldest in my family but I'm also the naughtiest. I grew up among kaki mahjong because my so-called god grandmother (who was also my mum's boss until she took over the hair salon business) organized daily gatherings and games behind the shop. Despite all the distraction and helping my mum washing clients' hair (all women) at the salon, I did find time to study.

So, I managed to get through Form 6 with flying colours and got into a local university of my choice. However, I did not enjoy studying because I regretted choosing the course. I chose the course based on my result and its popularity and not my interest. I spent most of my time partying in KL and PJ and discovering the magic of the cyberspace. I would say that the best moment I had in the university was getting to know my housemates. Perakians are really nice and friendly.

I've been in the educational publishing line for many years now. Although I've tried other industry (including chemical and logistic), education and publishing remain dear to my heart. I hope to further pursue my studies so that I can serve the country one day. It's always my ambition and passion to lecture in a local university. But hey, I'm not a nerd or a bookworm.

I don't have much interest. I enjoy non-fiction books, blogging, tennis, history, jazz, concerts and live music, reality shows and documentaries.

Well, as for other personal stuff, it's better remain unsaid. Now, I'm going to tag anyone in my blogroll who are interested to reveal themselves. Anyone?

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