Apr 17, 2007

nokia N95 wireless adventure

Probably you have heard of Nokia N95 Wireless Adventure on TV recently. It's like a treasure hunt ala the Amazing Race with a twist.

Through the Nokia N95, your team which comprise of you, your team mate, a local celebrity and a media dude will work through a given list of 8 clues over the course of 2 days! The clues will lead you to different locations with specific tasks to carry out.

During the course of carrying out the tasks, you will navigate the city (using Nokia N95) and capture specific urban elements that make it unique. Interesting, right?

In the end you will unearth the Soul of the City (which I do not know what it is) as well as to unveil the grad prize which is a jeng jeng jeng... all paid expenses to Europe and Nokia N95!

I think there will be interviews for selected participants.
I've already submitted my application last night. Just try my luck lar. Anyone interested to join too? Let me know. Maybe we can form an alliance later if we get selected.

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