Mar 14, 2007

on akademi fantasia 5

I've been following Akademi Fantasia for years and it is one of my favourite local show. It's kind of weird because a lot of Malaysian Chinese don't actually like to watch local Malay shows. I think my interest has to do with my education background. Besides imagine growing up with only 3 television channels (RTM1, RTM2 and TV3), I'm used to watch locally produced shows.

I missed Tirai Akademi Fantasia last Saturday because I was in Malacca. And I haven't got the chance to watch it yet except for about 10 minutes of the repeat show on Monday.

Recently, I've heard a rumour about one of the pelajar Akademi Fantasia 5. If you watch American Idol, you would have heard about what had happened to Antonella Barba who was voted out last week. Antonella Barba has her semi exposed photos all over the internet. In the case of the pelajar Akademi Fantasia 5, it was said that she had once taken her own nude photo while she was drunk and posted it into the internet. Well, don't ask me the details because this is all I've got.

By the way, Roslan Aziz has migrated to Astro from 8tv and he is now the Pengetua of Akademi Fantasia 5. I guess Malaysian Idol couldn't survive for the 3rd year?

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