Mar 13, 2007

no winning streak for Rob & Amber and Roger Federer

Rob & Amber were knocked out of the Amazing Race: All Stars sooner than I thought. The reality stars were favourites to win considering their winning streak in the previous legs. They made a series of mistakes and bad decision which lead to their downfall.

Rob made the wrong choice at the detour by choosing a harder task, then misspelled the word "Philippines" but insisted on hanging on to the task while almost half of the other teams already done with the other task. Luck was again not on their side as Charla & Mirna, who struggled throughout the competition, completed the Road Block first and raced to the pit stop leaving Rob & Amber in the last place. The rest of the teams must be very happy to hear Rob& Amber dismiss. This means that the chance to win a million dollars is wide open now. It's hard to predict who are the favourites to win.

Earlier of the day, Roger Federer also ended his 41-match winning streak. Federer arrived at the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells, California, having won seven consecutive tournaments and was considered an odds-on favourite to break the record of 47 straight matches. He was beaten by Guillermo Canas in the third round, with the result 7-5, 6-2.
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