Mar 12, 2007

flickr slideshow html script

As per Sam' request, I'm sharing the links to the sites where you can generate Flickr slide show as you can see in my previous post.

First of all, you need to have an account with Flickr to do this. After uploading all your files, remember to tag your photos. For example, in this slide show of mine, I tagged all the photos as "booksale" and I grouped them into a set. (As long as you have the tags, it's okay if you don't group and organize them).

Then go to this website or this to generate your flickr slide show.

1. User NSID - Go to idgettr to get your user NSID by keying in your Flickr username. For example my user NSID is 78324041@N00.

2. With that user NSID, your set ID is the number on your user NSID. For example, mine is 78324041.

3. Lastly, key in the tags of the photos you want to show in your slide show. For example, mine is booksale. I have tagged all the book photos with the same tag.

4. Click 'generate' or submit' and there you go! Copy and paste the HTML code in your blog.

I think just like youtube, you will not be able to shrink the size of the frame. Any problem, please leave a comment here.

Let's share your photos with us in your blog!

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