Mar 17, 2007

AF5 student fired after her racy photos found

If you have read my post on Akademi Fantasia earlier this week, you will find my post is true.

The pelajar Akademi Fantasia mentioned in my post is missing from today's Konsert AF5 because she has been fired from Akademi Fantasia. (Update: In explanation to her non-performance tonight, she claimed that she was under stress and therefore have to leave the show)

Finally, her racy photos has been discovered which lead to her dismissed. Sorry, I can't post the photos here as my blog is U rated. But you can try google for other blogs and website for pictures. There are about 4-5 nude photos taken by herself when she was drunk and posted into her myspace website. In Antonella Barba's case of American Idol, her nude photos are fake although her semi naked photos are real.

By the way, I'm watching Konsert AF5 and it is a boring show compares to previous seasons. And I'm kinda disgusted by Ogy Ahmad Daud's judging style. The way she criticized all the pelajar is very unprofessional. She reminds me of some of my school teachers back in primary schools. Or perhaps pelajar-pelajar AF5 deserves it.

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