Feb 26, 2007

the Oscars - KL Red Carpet Live and what happen to Linda Onn

So what happen to Linda Onn? She was supposed to be at the Kodak Theatre for Star Movies' red carpet show but we only saw Dominic Lau did the hosting job alone. Sources said that Linda Onn refused to follow the dress code for reporters and insisted on wearing the black and white modern kebaya created by an Indonesian designer which she mentioned in the press last week. Hence, she was axed from the co-hosting job. (New updates: I came across this blog. Check out his posting here and here for more details.)

Have you seen the KL Red Carpet Live "Breakfast With The Stars 2007" earlier on before the Oscar awards show? Can anyone please tell the host Zainal Alam Kadir to shut up and let his co-host Joey G talk? Why must he be so annoying, dominating the show and acted as if Joey G wasn't there? Poor Joey G. Whenever he opened his mouth and about to start talking, Alam interrupted. Joey G looked embarrased and yet professional enough to remain cool.

Oh yeah, why were there so many Akademi Fantasia (AF) rejects at the KL Red Carpet show? I thought this was supposed to be attended by local 'stars'. I expected to see people like Afdlin Shauki, Saiful Apek, Rosyam Nor or Sharifah Amani since this is a movie-related show. I'm not looking down at the AF 'stars'. I'm just disappointed because most of them were not prepared and knew nothing about movies. Not only they didn't know how to speak English when asked by Joey G (again this was the reason why Joey G felt awkward) they didn't even know what were the nominated films. For example, Vince can't even named a single film in 2006. Then most of them haven't even seen a movie which was nominated for the Oscars. The worst was when a 'star' was asked which movie he thought will win the Oscar, the answer was 'Salma Hayek'. Duh. Sorry but what a hopeless show.

However I must praise a few 'real stars' like AC Mizal, Anuar Zain and Aznil Nawawi because they are really professional. They were well prepared and knew what they were doing.
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