Feb 25, 2007

Astro Fest 2007

I was at the Astro Fest on Friday. My sister got 3 guest tickets so I went there with my pal Syong. Jess was supposed to join us but couldn't make it in the last minute.

It was raining when we got there at 4.45 p.m. The registration started at 5 p.m. We queued up, submitted the lucky draw numbers and were given free magazines (I took VMag and ifeel). My sis told me to go to the main stage on the east wing as there would be Astro tours going on at 5.30 pm, 6 pm and 6.30 pm. The food and games were still not ready. While waiting at the main stage, we saw Lina Teoh. At first I didn't realised it was her because I thought she wasn't in the entertainment scene anymore.

At 5.30 p.m., it wasn't crowded yet. So my friend and I decided to try out the games available like archery, basketball-shooting, golf-putting, darts, etc. Then we quickly proceed to the building to take the Astro tour. We were taken to Studio 1 where shows like AC Di Sini, Roda Impian and Akademi Fantasia Prelude took place. Then we went to the radio stations. And that's about it.

We were quite hungry so we decided it was time to have our dinner. We had ice kacang, satay, fried kueh teow, nasi briani, etc. It was all free! :D

We continued to play games at the fun fair and won a couple of coupons for lucky draw. At 7.45 pm we went to the jazz lounge and managed to get ourselves a table. We had some fruit punch and suddenly we heard fireworks outside the lounge (which is next to the main stage). My sis told me it was the first time they had fireworks on Astro Fest. Then we continued to enjoy ourselves at the air-conditioned room at the jazz lounge. The show kicked off with the performance by the local band Jazzy Chillerz featuring Razak Rahman on the saxophone. After a couple of songs by Jeanie with the band Jazzy Chillerz, we decided to leave because it wasn't our taste of music. The jazz numbers were too old for us.

We played a few more games, won another coupon and exchanged for gifts. Syong won a can drink and I won two can fruits. We decided to go home and packed our stuff to go to Gentiing.
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