Jan 17, 2007

lost in (Visit) Malaysia 2007

Apart from the grand launch of the Eye on Malaysia in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2007 (VM 2007) and the list of happening events throughout the year, I don't really see any efforts being put on promotion and advertisement. So, why do I say this?

I am very keen about VM2007. So my friends and I decided to take part in Flora Hunt which is going to be held this Sunday at Putrajaya. This is going to be the second time my team taking part in such activity. The last time, we were quite disappointed with the Lexis Nexis treasure hunt organized by Time Out Solutions. Perhaps we were inexperienced and had high hopes after taking part in the Amazing Mall Challenge. So, this time, we are giving ourselves another try, especially since it's a good way to be part of the celebration.

So, last nite my team member, SYong and I thought we better get some brochures on VM2007 and start doing some preparation to understand more about the event and places to go in Putrajaya, Klang Valley and Selangor.

Our first stop was KL Sentral since KLIA is too far away. We thought we are going to get some brochures at the departure hall. To our disappointment, there is not a single brochure or even VM2007 buntings to be found. Then, we tried again at the entrance near the taxi stand. Well, this time, at least we found a brochure which is not very helpful anyway.

We proceed to Hilton KL which is just right in front of KL Sentral. They were very helpful and provided us with maps and brochures on places to visit.

We thought of going to Cititel Mid Valley to see if we can find extra brochures and again to our disappointment, the concierge doesn't give us anything except a brochure about Zoo Negara in Arabic!

Then we came back to PJ Hilton. This time the concierge here who is very friendly gave me a brochure and a very handy KL and Selangor map.

Well, I understand we tried looking for brochures and maps at a very odd time. But this experience makes me believe that we are not doing good enough to promote VM2007.
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