Jan 21, 2007

flora hunt: mission completed

It was a tiring day because I went on without sleep since yesterday. I did not sleep after came back from Genting. Instead I stayed awake to update my blog and do some reading on anagrams and cryptograms.

My team and I reached Putrajaya at about 7 a.m. Almost more than half of the cars were already there. There were about 164 cars altogether. During the briefing, we were quite happy because the first half of the destinations were places that we knew well; Shah Alam and SS2, Petaling Jaya. After the midpoint, we were asked to go to Eye On Malaysia, in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to collect new sheet of questions and accomplished a mission (which involved in answering questions regarding Eye On Malaysia). Then we had to proceed to Pandan Indah (which was a problem because all of us weren't sure where Pandan Indah was) and back to Putrajaya.

My team still couldn't answer most of the questions. We're sucked in anagrams! After two hunts, now my team mates want to quit. I'll probably have to find new team mates in the future because I'm not quitting. I think I just need to do more research and probably involved myself in more hunts to train up my skills.

Example of question for treasure:

Dalam bas ada bilik kecemasan kata orang putih,
Pastikan bukan V6 tapi V1000g, barulah sahih,
Harta karun ini adalah untuk kebajikan,
Yang betul, barulah markah akan diberikan,
Jenama melambangkan percintaan Shah Jehan,
Yang itu sahaja kami inginkan.

Answer: Beras berjenama Taj Mahal (5kg)

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