Sep 5, 2006

Discovery Channel: The Boy With Divine Powers(?)

Last Sunday I spent time watching two documentaries about Buddhism on Discovery Channel; first it was The Boy With Divine Powers and followed by Born Again Buddhists.

We read before in the newspaper regarding about a meditating teenage boy in Nepal who drew huge crowds and earned himself the name Buddha-reincarnate. As a Buddhist, of course I'm curious to know if this is the truth or just a scam. Sad to say, Discovery Channel did not provide the answer. Throughout the show, you realized that the place where the boy meditate had turned into a tourist spot. It turned into a lucrative business because the boy's brother who ran the place and supported by a group of committee members collected thousands and thousands of dollars.

In the documentary, Discovery Channel interviewed Lama Lekshey whom I met again recently on his visit to Malaysia. As I do not understand about the message of the documentary particularly about the "sweat" and the fact that there is no conclusion whether the boy is for real, I wrote an email to Lama Lekshey himself. It turns out that Discovery Channel interpreted Lama Lekshey's message wrongly and edited some important points. According to Lama Lekshey, the "sweat" is not because of the boy's power but because of Lama's meditation. From my understanding, I believe the boy only started to sweat when Lama meditated (like a spiritual battle between them) and not because of the boy's so-called power.

Lama Lekshey did not want to elaborate further. I agree because I believe there is no need to seek an answer as the boy and his brother had since disappeared as told by the documentary. The place which was once a tourist spot is now quiet again.

Currently, Lama Lekshey is in Spain and he is preparing the visit of my guru, His Holiness Sakya Trizin. Lama will be very busy because HH will be in Spain from 26 September to 20 October.
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