Aug 13, 2006

AXN Amazing Mall Challenge

My team is acccepted to the Amazing Mall Challenge this coming Saturday. The event is going to be held in 1 Utama and I think my team, the OutREACH team is ready. We are quite familiar with the new and old wings.

So far the only thing that bothers me is the possibility of rock climbing as one of the challenge. We are going for at least one training session one of this week day to see if we are able to do it. Well, my partner, SY tried rock climbing before and managed to climb half way before she gave up. But the thing is that was many years ago when she was studying in uni. We put on a lot of weight since then.

We have no prior experience like treasure hunt or extreme challenge so we have to depend on our good navigation skills and dare to try attitude. I'll use whatever knowledge I have and experience in watching reality tv and game shows to help us pull through this. On the other hand, SY is not really a fan of reality shows but she is one tough lady (she was a PALAPES).

We are not really there to win the $ but more of challenging ourselves and win some new friends. So, our strategy is to struck up with an alliance (like what we usually in on reality tv shows) and enjoy the game!
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