Jun 16, 2006

scratch-n-win scam gang increasing their activities in PJ

Scratch-n-win scam gang spotted again @HSBC, PJ

It was such a coincident that my friend (a scratch-n-win victim) saw the same group of youngsters again yesterday outside Public Bank (Damansara Jaya branch) using the same tactics to lure potential victims. It seems that this company, Techligent Sdn Bhd, is desperately increasing their activities in PJ, either to increase their profits for refunds or they intend to make big bucks before closing down the company (and reopen another one). The supervisor, by the name of Ah Teng, was seen together with the other young staff again after my friend saw her the day before outside HSBC Bank, PJ.

Again, people, please be aware of anyone approaching you outside the bank. They could be the scratch-n-win scammers!
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