Feb 12, 2006

learn to construct crossword puzzles (for educators)

The Star published an incorrect title for my workshop. It is a workshop to help teachers to "construct" classroom crosswords and not learning how to "solve" them. Anyway, thank you The Star (Education) for their support.

The crossword construction workshop is strictly for teachers, tutors and anyone in the educational line.

As an educator who is using classroom crosswords in teaching, I see tremendous changes in my students. They are not only able to pick up terms and vocabulary but also understand its usage. For example, in Bahasa Melayu PMR level, my students are able to identify the different types of gaya bahasa in the anthologies and novels they read, thanks to their effort in solving crosswords I've created.

Learn how to create worksheet or online crossword puzzles for classroom teaching.

Another benefit of using crosswords in classroom teaching is improving students' ability in spelling. This is especially useful when it comes to learning languages, memorizing scientific and mathematical terms, historical and geographical facts, etc.

Teachers are encouraged to use classroom crosswords to compliment their teaching. I know most teachers would like to do that but the methods taught to them are either complicated or not user-friendly. Hence, this workshop is conducted to guide them to an easy crossword construction which they can master in just 2 hours.

Venue: Faculty of Education, University of Malaya (register at the Bangunan Pentadbiran)
Date: 25 February 2006
Time 9.30 a.m. - 12 noon
Target audience: Teachers, tutors, educators (all levels)

To download the brochure, click: or call me at 012-3720 858.
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