Jan 21, 2006

science and math in English: the real challenge

When I read the news about students suing the government over its policy to teach Science and Mathematics in English, I was really excited because there will be a recent court case to be discussed in my educational law class.

At the same time, I felt disgusted because the four students were being manipulated just for the sake of the adults' (the people behind the scene which includes their fathers) political agenda. One of the student is only a Year Four student! For me, the father of this kid has already violated his responsibility as a father and denied his son's rights for better education (I bet many students don't know their rights yet).

I do agree that we must uphold the national language. At the same time we must also emphasize on the importance of English language. In fact, I believe students in kebangsaan schools should study both Science and Mathematics in two languages, Malay and English. However, I know this is not going to happen due to a lot of reasons like higher cost, lack of teachers and time constraint.
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