Jan 17, 2006

meditation class

I've been joining the drop-in meditation class in PJ since late last year but not always consistent.

This year, starting from Jan 9, I've never missed a single class. I intend to be disciplined simply because the topics are very interesting.

Although I'm not new to the teaching, I think it is a very fresh approach because classes are conducted in English and easy to understand (for beginners as well as those with some knowledge and experience of Buddhism and its practices). This general programme is conducted by the principal teacher, Venerable Kelsang Pagpa, a Buddhist monk from England.

For your information, below is the schedule for Jan-Feb 2006:

How to Lead a Spiritual Life

09 Jan How to Relax?
16 Jan How to Meditate?
23 Jan How to Concentrate?
30 Jan No Class (Chinese New Year break)
06 Feb How to Accept Ourselves?
13 Feb How to Accept Others?
20 Feb How to Smile?
27 Feb How to Enjoy?

To get more information about other programmes you can check out the MKMS website.
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