Jan 15, 2006

crossword construction

Recently I chatted with a classmate who is working at the Curriculum Development Centre. She was disappointed with most teachers who seldom apply what they have learned in workshops in their classroom teaching.

A couple of months back, I came to know from another classmate of mine who is a teacher saying that they were taught how to construct crossword puzzles in one workshop. However, the method is too time consuming and complicated. Because it was a group work at the workshop, she did not know exactly what to do and leave it to one particular group member to complete the task.

As my educational crossword book series will be out in the market soon (in the printing process, finally!), I was thinking of sharing my method with teachers (or tutors, educators, parents etc) on how to construct good quality crosswords within minutes. I've been planning this idea for a week now and finally came up with something. I'm going to run this workshop in February at the Faculty of Education, University of Malaya and will be charging a very low fee (to cover training materials, rental and software installer).

My crosswords are not the typical puzzles you normally see in newspapers or educational magazines. Mine are more specific and encourage students to pick up important terms that cover all topics that they are going to learn that year. I've been using crosswords in teaching Bahasa Melayu and believe me the result is amazing. I was thinking, instead of keeping the method to myself, why not share with teachers. I believe teachers will apply what they have learned if the method is user-friendly.

If you are interested to know more about the workshop or my crossword puzzles, kindly drop me an email.
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