Dec 21, 2005

angelina jolie should be TIME person of the year

I was wondering what are the criteria for a person to be chosen as TIME magazine 'Person of the Year'.

Personally, I think Angelina Jolie should be the one instead of Mr. Bill Gates & wife and Bono U2. Yes, they have done a lot to help the unfortunates but so did Jolie. Jolie did a good job as the goodwill ambassador for UN. She has contributed a lot in terms of financial support and relief effort. She visited quake victims and refugee camps. And she is a good mother of two kids, Maddox and Zahara.

A lot of celebrities or influential people contribute back to the society too. I think Oprah and Bob Geldof did a pretty good job as well in year 2005. But Angelina Jolie grabbed more headlines than anyone else throughout the year. With her humanitarian effort, the attention she gets in movies, her role as a mother and relationship with Brad Pitt, she is the 'Person of the Year'. Unless the TIME magazine is on the Aniston camp.
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