Nov 18, 2005

angelina vs aniston: who won the biggest feud of 2005?

Definitely Angelina Jolie! Not because she has won the heart of our Mr. Pitt. It is Aniston who had made the wrong decision by going public with the divorce and doing things that bring her self image down.

I don't really hate Aniston. In fact I love to watch Aniston in Friends (although Rachel is not my favourite character). I was a bit annoyed by her recent appearance on Oprah. I was pretty sure that she tried to gain sympathy from viewers (and Oprah). And the fact that she recently appear topless on the cover of a magazine simply shows her desperation for attention.

With her talent I believe she can make it in Holllywood even without Pitt (and Friends). She does not need to resort to cheap publicity like what she is getting now. Aniston should get some tips from Nicole Kidman.
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