Sep 13, 2005

8tv is gr8!

I must say that 8tv is doing a really great job in providing entertaining shows. I found myself watching more shows on 8tv despite the existence of popular programmes on astro channels. Below are some of the most watchable shows on 8tv everyday from Monday to Sunday:

Boss Swap is quite a good show. If you are a fan of The Apprentice or simply like reality shows on business and leadership, this is a recommended show for you. The only turn off is this is a British production.


Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is definitely one of my favourite reality shows. Last week, 8tv screened the British version of this highly popular show. Although I really miss the flamboyant Fab Five of the US version, I don't mind watching the latest one. The British Fab Five are hotter (outlook wise)!

Of course the most watchable show on Wed is Desperate Housewives. However I've missed the show for a couple of weeks already (even the repeats on Star World). Instead I find myself staying very loyal to Joey (although the scripts are predictable).

The Swan is my favourite show of all! This is the mother of all extreme make over shows. Nothing is more enjoyable than to watch ugly ducklings turning into beautiful swans. It's definitely painful to be beautiful! This show is even better than I Want A Famous Face shows on MTV channel. Highly recommended!

Malaysian Idol-lar! I'm crossing my fingers and pray that Nita will win in the final (I'm not going to vote though). I don't want to see Daniel in the top two. His rendition of Rasmus's In the Shadow haunts me till today. Please, Malaysians, please listen properly and vote wisely (leaving this responsibility to you guys who have the money to vote)!

The best shows are always shown on 8tv first. One Tree Hill is a very good example. This is definitely one of my favourite. The casts are so cun and each have their very unique characters. Good music too. The show that has the whole the package.

Sunday is a bit disappointing. The only show that I watch is Eve. This sitcom is really funny. Give it a try!

There are many other good shows on 8tv (especially the Korean dramas) but the above are the best. Local productions like Homegrown and Latte @8 (bring back this show) are not bad either. Not to mention they have great personalities like Marion and Adam. With all the latest and popular shows on 8tv, I hope this is not only temporary. I mean, all the latest shows are not cheap (and there are not many advertisement on 8tv).
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