Jun 17, 2005

working 5 days

Thanks to CUEPACS and now it's a dream come true for the civil servants to work 5 days a week starting July 1. I'm not really against the civil servants (no I don't envy them) just because most of us including myself work like a dog in the private sectors. I'm viewing this in a perspective of a taxpayer.

Each year CUEPACS just can't stop asking for more. Bonuses, increments, better benefits, shorter working hours/day, etc. Everyday we have to deal with the people of the servicing department and yet, they never increase the standard of the services. We talk about our teenagers having to go through the National Service to build their characters. And I suggest the government department have all the civil servants to go for a boot camp to build their character as well.

Instead of working selamba (as if there are no long queues waiting for them), going for breakfast and tea break and no teamwork (if an officer is away for a break or watever reason, don't expect her colleague will take over and attend you), civil servants should show more enthusiasm and responsibilities in their job. I don't mean to sound racist (I'm not one) but I've even seen the non-Malays are not proactive and just mind their own business just to fit in to the group (Rule #1 for non-Malay working with the government: Don't pandai-pandai want to show off that you are hardworking).

Whatever it is, the 5 days work is going to be a reality. I just hope our beloved PM will emphasize more on the productivity and upgrade the standard of the servicing departments within the government. By increasing the working hours from 8 hours to 8 1/2 hours definitely will not increase productivity. Again, I really hope CUEPACS will not fight for 4 working days (so that the civil servants can off on Friday) in the future because that will definitely decrease the productivity of the country.
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