Jun 22, 2005

tak nak wristband ala livestrong wristband

Finally I've got my own LIVESTRONG wristband.

The purpose of the yellow wristbands is to help people around the world who are living with cancer. You constantly see celebrities, sportsmen and even politicians supporting this good cause by wearing the same $1 wristbands.

There are many types of wristbands nowadays. You have the Tsunami Relief, Stand Up Speak Up Anti Racism, Kylie Breast Cancer Awareness, etc.

So I suggest we do the same for Tak Nak campaign as well. Our local celebrities and politicians can support this cause and create awareness to curb smoking. With the price as cheap as RM1 for a red colour silicone wristband (with the words TAK NAK embossed on the wristband), we can make this campaign a success. It's hip and appealing for youngsters.

Then we can create another wristband for patriotism. Perhaps this time a multi-coloured one (yellow, blue, white and red) with the word MALAYSIABOLEH embossed on the wristband. I'm sure we can sell thousands during our Merdeka celebration. At least this way of showing patriotism is more acceptable than singing Negaraku in the cinema.
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