Jun 19, 2005

making money out of AF3 fever

Last night, the number of pelajar was down to 12. I'm a fan of the reality show since I was introduced to AF 2 last year by my Sis. No doubt the show is better than Astro Talent Quest (Chinese), Malaysian Idol, Audition or Mentor. I do watch all these shows to be in position to comment on this. However I'm not going to comment about the quality of the shows or even compare them.

I must salute to the people at Astro. These people really know how to generate money. Last season, AF charged 50 sen per sms/vote but this year they increase it to 65 sen per vote which is an increase of 30%. All the mobile service providers already lower their sms rates to as low as 1 sen per sms. Even Astro Talent Quest still charge 50 sen per vote. I really pity the voters and chatters at Channel @15 for being so fanatic about the show and they wouldn't mind spending hundreds of ringgit (this information was obtained based on my observation on channel @15). There was even this funny guy who say something like this in the chatroom: "Bini tak mau bagi wang. Aku gadai motor. Sekarang ada kredit RM1000 untuk AFundi."

Astro is so smart that they bring back Mawi, the pelajar that generate the most income for them. He was not chosen in the initial stage but because of the big demand from the chatters, the number of students were increased to 14 pelajar just to accomodate the request from AF fans. The other pelajar chosen to join back AF3 is Marsha. This Mawi guy was so phenomenal that even the host Aznil called him TsuMawi (originated from a chatter @15). He has his fan clubs all over Malaysia and they are ready to spend hundreds of ringgit each just to make him a winner at AF3.

I don't know what so great about Mawi. Some chatters say it's his aura. Some say it's his great voice (with some nasyid touch). But I only hear mediocre singing. He even constantly forget his song lyrics. What I see in those fans is they are trying to realise their dream by turning a kampung boy into a popstar just like in movies. These fans are fanatics and some even says that they are going to vote even if he doesn't sing. Another Carrie Underwood in the making I think.

Despite other talents like Idayu and Felix or even Amylea, Mawi is going to the AF3 champ this year. Trust me because the fanatic fans already invested a lot of money on him. But the BIGGEST winner here is none other than Astro.

I'm starting to get sick of these singing competitions that involves voting system. This is even worse than gambling. At least in gambling you still have a slight chance of winning money for yourself. I suggest AF3 fans or even the coming up Malaysian Idol fans to buy 4D or Jackpot instead of wasting money voting.
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