Jun 17, 2005

goddess jolie

Finally I went to watch Mr and Mrs Smith last night. I have to admit that I'm a big fan of Angelina Jolie (and I used to like Brad Pitt a lot when he was first featured in the movie Thelma and Louise many many years ago).

Mr and Mrs Smith was indeed a movie with a simple story line that intend to sell the two sexy hot stars. However, the real star in this movie is Jolie. She simply outshine Pitt himself. She again proves herself as one of the Hollywood A-list action star. Mr and Mrs Smith is indeed a Jolie movie.

However, I still miss the old Jolie. Remember her movies such as Foxfire, Hackers and Gia whereby her characters are much deeper (and often androgynous which is simply nice to watch). Nowadays her films are too commercialise. I wish to see her in dramatic movies that will show more of her acting skills (which she has) and of course earn her an Oscar.

Mr and Mrs Smith is not really my cup of tea although the movie done fairly well. The night before I was at the AEI, UM to watch a rather moving movie called Central Station. It was a 1998 Brazilian movie by the director Water Salles. The best things about watching this movie was I don't have to pay a cent and don't even have to line up to get a ticket (there's even refreshment provided). Central Station was an award winning movie that express the triumph of the human spirit.

The story is about Dora, a single and lonely elderly woman who earns her living by writing letters for illiterate customers at the Rio de Janeiro's Central Station. Things however begin to change when she reluctantly befriend a homeless orphan, Josue. She agrees to help Josue search for the father that he never known. The journey becomes a quest for their own identities, a boy who search for his father and a woman who search for her heart. Indeed a movie with a big heart!

Think I will spend every Wednesday watching movie at AEI rather than trying hard to get tickets at TGV (and M-Cinema doesn't even work at all).

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