May 26, 2005

triple finales

Nothing compares to last night. It was the showdown of The Contender Finale and of course the Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan. And this morning was the American Idol final between Bo and Carrie.

As predicted and my own favourite, Sergio 'Latin Snake' Mora won the match over Peter Manfredo Jr. and took home a million dollar. Although boxing is not my favourite sports but you have to love this show created by the guru of reality shows, Mark Brunett. Manfredo being the 3rd best middleweight boxer in the world seems lack of stamina and the drive to overcome the ever smarter and sleeker Latin Snake. Before the final showdown, there was this match between Jesse Brinkley and Alfonso Gomez. Gomez won and prove himself to be a champion in the making.

Things were different in the Champions League. It wasn't a game I want to watch but I want to see AC Milan win. It didn't happened. In fact, Liverpool steals the Champions League Cup which I don't believe they deserve it at all. They can't even small clubs in the English Premier League and end up in the 5th place. And now they are walking away with the Champions League title after winning the penalties 3-2. AC Milan was impressive in the first half. They play highly skilled football game and Liverpool was all over the place.

But in the second half, it was a different story. Imagine Liverpool can shoot in 3 goals in just 6 mins? Come on! I just don't trust European football. Remember when Greece winning the Euro Cup just months before Olympic Games? And now Liverpool have a chance to appeal to get into Champions League next year although they don't qualify at all. If Liverpool ever have a chance to come back next year to defend their title, I just want to say that they don't deserve it. Rules is rules. Four clubs from the EPL to qualify for the Champions League are already a lot. Don't tell me they want to squeeze Liverpool in. I just don't think it's fair for other clubs who played so hard throughout the year and managed to qualify. Liverpool have to earn their place in the EPL.

This morning was the American Idol finale. Well, yes, country rules not rock. I don't really like Carrie or Bo but credits should be given to them. I still prefer last season. Fantasia, Diana and Latoya proven to have more hearts and souls. Still remember Fantasia can make people feel and cry through her singing. Incredible! But Bo and Carrie are going to make it big.
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