May 10, 2005

tennis vs football

A couple of nights ago I spent more than 5 hours staying awake watching the tennis match between Nadal and Coria. It was a magnificent final between the two rivals. I first saw them played a month ago in the ATP Masters Series in Monte Carlo. That time Nadal only played four sets to win. This time was a tough one. Nadal with injury (the blister on his finger was badly injured that it turned into a cut) only managed to win just because Coria made a mistake in the final point that decide the winner.

I should say that Nadal has the talent and luck to be a winner. I first saw him played in Australian Open earlier this year. The match between him and Hewitt was memorable. From that time onwards I believe Nadal (only 18 years old) will be the future champion. He has proven so far that he's the world number 1 in the making with his five championship winning streak so far.

Hope he will have enough rest after a hectic match and recover from injury soon. If we are lucky, maybe we get to see Nadal and Coria in the final again to battle for French Open. Nadal is a daring player but if he doesn't change his strategy, Coria will definitely find room to improve and might eventually win over Nadal (if they meet again in the French Open, I really hope so). They are probably the best players on clay this year.

And tonight there's a match between Manchester United and Chelsea. Well, I don't really care much about the result as Chelsea already won the Championship, but it would be great to see the two giants playing. I predict a draw but you wouldn't know what will happened. Reality is it doesn't really matter. It's just a training ground for Man U before their FA Cup final with Arsenal.

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