May 12, 2005

reality shows: fever still on

Yesterday was the conclusion for Amazing Race 7. Thank god Rob and Amber didn't win the race! Even reality shows have good moral values. Good people will always win. Uchenna and Joyce had proven that karma does exists. They had been very helpful throughout the race. Still remember Uchenna helping Meredith stacking up the boats although it was a tight race. And yesterday they make sure they begged enough money to pay the taxi driver although they are just few steps away from 1 million dollar. Talk about ethics!

This is not exactly my favourite season. I should say that season 4 and 5 were my favourites.

There's too many reality shows and most of them are pretty good. Almost the entire week, I have something to look forward to:

Monday - Fear Factor, The Contender
Tuesday - Average Joe, Queer Eyes For Straight Guys (old season)
Wednesday - American Idol, Amazing Race
Thursday - American Idol (result show)
Friday - rest day
Saturday - Queer Eyes (new season)
Sunday - Apprentice

And talking about American Idol, Anthony is out. I guess next week will be Vonzell, unless miracle happened.
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