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Oct 21, 2004

my first blogging experience

Finally a new blogger is born. Someone said that blogs will replace emails one day. I believe this will be a good way to share my thoughts with family, friends and strangers. Besides, I think this is a very good platform for me to sharpen my writing skill.

I've just finished my first semester in Master in Educational Management. I'm really looking forward for the coming semester in December. I'm not sure what's gonna be my choice of project but I'm really looking forward to learn more about the possibility of TQM (Total Quality Management) implementation in schools in Malaysia. Right now, I'm doing a lot of reading particularly on the current state of education system in Malaysia and of course the every single details about the works by the Father of TQM, Edwards Deming.

There's a lot to share about my passion in education and publishing. Until next time ...
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